Sustainability, care for the environment, local produce and responsibility in all actions are central in all our actions. We have reached Green Key certification by continuous work in all fields – accommodation, restaurant services and saunas. 

We undersign the principles of sustainable tourism outlined by Visit Finland and are
committed to working for a more sustainable tourism.

1. We cooperate fairly
Cooperation and networks are extremely important. We belong to Ruka-Kuusamo
Tourism Association and we want to be involved in promoting sustainable tourism in the
entire region. We honor our partners, keep our promises and pull one rope. We participate in events and trainings in the area.

2. We take care of nature
Nature is our treasure and the starting point for all our acting. Our villas and saunas are located in the middle of the magnificent nature of Kuusamo and the menus of our restaurants are inspired by the forests and lakes of the area.

When we build, we damage nature as little as possible and the buildings are designed and landscaped in environmental terms.

3. We respect cultural heritage
Pyhäpiilo and our other saunas praise Finnish sauna culture. We have been involved in bringing the Finnish sauna to the world map under the brands Sauna Tour and Sauna from Finland.

The local food culture is reflected in our restaurants and stories.

The chalets and villa-apartments are built in traditional northern Finnish style, not forgetting modern comfort and sustainability standards.  

4. We promote prosperity, human rights and equality
All kinds of customers are welcome to us, we do not discriminate against anyone and we respect everyone. In our restaurants, you can eat vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free, milk-free and considering all kinds of food allergies.

We take care of the well-being of our staff. We also demand responsibility from our partners.

5. We prefer local
We purchase all products and services primarily from the surrounding area. Our nature contains great ingredients and the short distribution chain and traceability of origin also increase the safety of the products and guarantee freshness. We want to emphasize local expertise. Favoring locality creates jobs and vitality in the region.

6. We invest in safety and quality
All our properties comply with safety regulations and more. Fire inspections are done properly, and escape routes are in order. We guide our customers carefully in safety matters. The safety instructions for the chalets and villa-apartments are always sent in advance in writing.
Instructions for use can be found in the chalets and saunas, and we also go through them when the customer arrives.

7. We consider the climate impact
We are aware of climate change and are doing everything we can to prevent climate change. We use green electricity, ecological solutions such as geothermal and intelligent systems. We strive to avoid waste and recycle our waste where possible. We save water.

8. We communicate openly
We are proud of our work and openly communicate our actions, values ​​and partners.
We communicate on our website and social media constantly as well as in other media (press, webinars, television, radio) upon request or as needed.

9. We are constantly developing the vitality of the tourism industry in our region
The vitality of the whole area is important, and we work with other entrepreneurs in the area. We are involved in projects and the activities of the tourism association and carry our own card in the pile. We are constantly innovating new, new products and services.

10. We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism
These principles are in line with our values, and according to them we want to work in our company.

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